Four Benefits of the UL-508A Certification

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Certified Excellence

MIS Controls, Inc. provides customers the satisfaction and efficiency of all company-assembled control panels. However, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of all industrial control panels, MIS is a UL 508A certified company. For all UL-required assemblies, MIS meets all requirements and proper procedure specifications. Request an MIS quote today to receive all necessary high-quality, UL-certified industrial control panel needs.

What is UL 508A?

The UL 508A certification is a third-party certified standard for the assembly and manufacturing of industrial control panels. Contract manufacturers must assemble and adhere to the requirements to offer UL-certified project services. Industrial control panels with the UL 508A certification should successfully include listed critical components, proper spacing, regional electrical codes, circuit protection protocols, and correct identifiable labels. In meeting such specifications and necessary inspection, manufacturers can place the UL mark of approval for the respective control panels. The UL 508A certification and marked products are beneficial to both manufacturers and customers as it provides additional accountability and safety in the production and service of industrial control panels. The four main benefits of the certification include company credibility, component selection, safety, and circuit protection.

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With third-party certification, MIS gives customers complete transparency and credibility for each designated project. The UL guidelines highlight assembly procedures to establish the reliability of certified manufacturers. Additionally, manufacturers can widen the accessibility of industrial control panel projects and ultimately gain more customers.

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Component Selection

With the presence of UL certification, manufacturers must use particular components within control panel assembly and design for the highest efficiency level. Listed on UL sources, the critical components minimize productivity errors while maintaining control panel assembly time. All in all, customers are knowledgeable about the possible components, creating further design transparency.

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In addition to proper spacing and labeling requirements, a UL certification creates an additional layer of product protection and employee safety. All components and conductors must contain standard labels for easy identification and assembly. Similarly, all industrial control panels must match electrical spacing specifications to increase safety precautions.

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Circuit Protection

UL-certified panel projects must incorporate a required circuit protection standard to limit potential electrical shock incidents to both the panel and its users. Additionally, manufacturers calculate short circuit current ratings to mark the lowest rated device on each panel.

Take “MIS” Control

Overall, MIS ensures all customers have the highest quality control panels that meet the UL 508A certification protocol. Customers seeking certified industrial control panels and other unnecessary certification projects are guaranteed product safety and efficiency from MIS. To contact and request a quote, click the link here.

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Vacuum System with Electrical Control Panel

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Create a PLC-based control panel mounted to a 2-Pump Vacuum System. 


This job required a vacuum system for the Commercial Building industry that includes a custom mounting base with drilled mounting holes and pre-tapped holes.  Altogether, this system operates with 2-Pump motors and a vacuum to clean dust while working with granite and marble. As a result, it requires readouts and values for the proper procedure. 

MIS Solution 

Straightaway, MIS Controls’ advanced knowledge of PLC control panels aided the UL508A and NEC certified system assembly. Equally important, our team utilized various testing methods to ensure that the design meets all specific customer conditions. These methods included: 

  • Utilizing water to test for leaks in new environments and effectiveness of suction. 
  • Applying air pressure to the system to check for proper distribution and security of the enclosure. 
  • Allowing the customer to cycle the system at the MIS Controls facility as final quality assurance. 
  • Adhering to the UL508A and NEC regulations for assembly practices.

MIS Results

The final system consists of a PLC panel wired to the base-mounted air components of the vacuum and pumps. Overall, MIS is responsible for 25 systems over five months with a 7-9 week lead time for this project. Finally, with our highly experienced team, this system meets UL508A requirements and Code 3 of the NEC. In sum, we encourage custom designs that necessitate unique solutions. 


To learn more about MIS Controls, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Control System in Vacuum Pump