Taking Command,
General Operations

Control panels play a critical role in aiding military applications and success by providing operators with a centralized interface to monitor and control various systems and equipment. Military operations often involve complex and high-stress situations where quick decision-making is necessary. A well-designed control panel can help operators manage a large amount of information and data quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of errors and improving situational awareness.

By streamlining information and control, control panels can help military personnel to respond quickly to changing conditions and make more informed decisions, ultimately leading to greater success in military applications.

Where Control Panels Help the Military

Command & Control Centers

Control panels are essential for monitoring and controlling the vast amount of equipment and systems that are required to run a command and control center. This includes things like communications equipment, radar systems, and surveillance systems.

Ground Vehicles

Military vehicles, such as tanks and armored personnel carriers, require control panels to manage and monitor critical systems like engines, weapons systems, and navigation equipment.


Control panels are essential for managing the complex systems and equipment found in military aircraft, including flight controls, weapons systems, and communications equipment.

Naval Vessels

Military ships and submarines require control panels to manage complex systems like propulsion systems, navigation equipment, and weapons systems.

Amp Up Your Army

Control panels are crucial to the success of military operations, as they provide a centralized interface for managing a wide range of systems and equipment. Military operations often involve high-stress situations where quick decision-making is necessary, and control panels can help operators to process large amounts of data and information quickly and efficiently. By providing a streamlined view of critical information, control panels can enhance situational awareness, allowing military personnel to respond to changing conditions and make informed decisions.

Additionally, control panels can be customized to meet the unique needs of different military operations, making them versatile and powerful tools in the field. Ultimately, the importance of control panels in military operations cannot be overstated, as they help to ensure the safety and success of military personnel in a wide range of challenging environments.

Military Aircraft Controls

Custom System Applications

Military systems aid in the protection of our country on various levels. Taking control in this industry leads to the most powerful tools on the front lines and behind-the-scenes.

  • Command & Control
  • Communications
  • Data Acquisition
  • Emergency Systems
  • Environmental Control
  • Maintenance
  • Navigation
  • Power Management
  • Radar & Sonar Systems
  • Surveillance
  • Training
  • Weapon Systems

Your Operations

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MIS Extended Service Capabilities:
  • Wire Processing
  • Cables and Harness Assembly
Customer Benefits:
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  • Constant On-Time Delivery
  • UL 508A Approval Certification Availability
  • End-to-End Solution
  • ITAR Compliant

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