Kiosk Control Systems

Reliability in a Technology World

In the first place, Kiosk Control Systems are an integral part of any manufacturing process. For instance, these systems monitor and control complex machines. They are used on the manufacturing floor, in robot cells, or in other automation processes. On account of their importance, MIS Controls’ three-step approach has provided our customers the flexibility to deliver their most reliable Kiosk Control Systems. Hence, our approach includes:

  • Highest-Quality Product
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Cost-Effective Solution

Kiosk and Kiosk Assembly

Kiosk Assembly

As noted, we build Kiosk Control Systems that meet all specification requirements, customer expectations, and industry standards.


Due to extensive expertise and years of experience, MIS Controls produces reliable manufacturing of Kiosk Control Systems.


Moreover, our cost-effective solution for volume production provides our customers with the key competitive advantage to gain market share.

Assisting Manufacturers
in Various Industries

At the given time, there are various industry uses where kiosks come in handy. Being that as it may, MIS is prepared to handle jobs for every purpose. Particularly when it comes to human interface availability and interconnectivity issues, MIS is here to help! In these areas, industries such as Medical, Hospitality, and Education require kiosks to handle various machines and hold precious information.


For the purpose of enhancing the end-user experience while ensuring the highest quality of manufacturing, MIS emphasizes complete knowledge of a product. In fact, MIS Controls’ capabilities in the assembly and manufacturing of Kiosk Systems allow our customers to equip their projects with the most advanced technology.

Cost-Effective Solution:

Additionally, while taking advantage of our high-volume capabilities in building Industrial Control Panels or Custom Control Panels, we can pass on component-saving practices to improve the competitive advantage of our customers. Even though we are providing state-of-the-art service, it is crucial to do so in a cost-effective manner.

Kiosk Control Systems Wires

Kiosk Assembly Applications

Without question, kiosk assembly impacts countless applications. For that reason, we have the expertise and experience to assemble Kiosk Control Systems and work with many industrial applications and customer specifications.

  • Airport Free Standing Kiosks
  • Payment Kiosks
  • Toll Road Free Standing Kiosks
  • Ticketing Applications Kiosks
  • EV Charging Kiosks
  • Machine Control Kiosks

MIS Controls

All things considered, MIS Controls is your trusted industry partner for all things involving kiosk control panels. On the whole, we are a leading manufacturer in Kiosk System Controls, Industrial Controls, and Custom Control Panels and Enclosures. However, by and large, we are a solutions provider. In the long run, we are here to take on your projects and assemble your vision.

MIS Extended Service Capabilities:

  • Wire Processing Center
  • Cables and Harness Assembly

Customer Benefits:

  • Deliver an end-to-end solution
  • Cost-effective product
  • Constant on-time delivery
  • UL 508A Approval Certification Available

As a result of unmatched dedication, we pride ourselves on being a complete solution provider for any kiosk assembly application at MIS.  Given these points, to hear more about our services and solutions, request a quote today!

Full Kiosk Control Panel Assembly

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