About Us

Commitment to Quality

At MIS Controls, quality is our top priority. Accordingly, when you work with us, you can rest assured that you receive only the best quality and service. We work diligently to ensure our customers that our processes and equipment run smoothly and efficiently. Altogether, MIS always stays on top of the latest industry standards and prides itself on our approval of several industry certifications. For more insights, check out an overview of the MIS advantage!

Our Promise and Pledge to Our Customers

MIS was founded in 2014 with a total commitment to offering comprehensive services in the Industrial Control Panel, Custom Enclosure Assembly, and Kiosk Control Systems -- which we continue today. Additionally, we provide a wide range of manufacturing and production capabilities to give our customers confidence in product safety and performance.

MIS Controls commits to American-made ingenuity and creation. For this reason, we build all products in the U.S. by our team and inspect for the highest quality.

We are thrilled to have you visit our website and encourage you to reach out to us and allow us the opportunity to work with you on any of your upcoming project needs. In addition, I invite you to take advantage of our state-of-the-art facility's capabilities, a wide range of services, and most importantly, our talented and knowledgeable team.

My Pledge To you:

  • Quality: We commit to providing the highest quality and meeting the most stringent of customer specifications.
  • Delivery: Our facility allows us to produce variously sized Control Panels and Enclosures without compromising production volume and on-time delivery.
  • Price: Our commitment to continuous improvement with an extended partnership of key manufacturers and suppliers provides the advantage to our customers for the most industry-competitive pricing.

Since times are ever-changing in manufacturing, MIS Controls stays equipped to address any of our customer needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Celine Gebara
President and CEO


UL508A & CSA (MIS Controls)

UL 508A & CSA

UL 508A is an Industrial Control Panel directive. Thus, we're proud to be approved by top electrical inspectors. Similarly, we’re also CSA-approved, which applies to all our control and protective devices. All in all, we build to the specifications set forth by leaders in the panel industries.



We're proudly certified by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. In brief, our enclosures protect against any environmental hazards during the industrial process, such as dust, water, or oil. Our NEMA rating shows our commitment to excellence.

NEC Logo


We are NEC certified under the NFPA. For that reason, we hold ourselves to the highest electrical standards set forth by this organization. In short, MIS is dedicated to safety regarding electrical services in the workplace. We're proud to work with skilled and knowledgeable electricians.

High-Quality Custom
Panel Assembly Services

We pride ourselves on the guarantee to unsurpassed quality, service and competitive pricing.