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MIS Controls assembles control systems for Food & Beverage operations. Each year, the food industry pushes to improve efficiency by modernizing the process of food preparation and packaging. In the long run, as new equipment replaces the old, improved control systems must grow with the times. For this reason, MIS is here to update machine performance with fresh, custom builds. In effect, these builds revolutionize all aspects of the product’s journey, including:

  • Cleanliness
  • Consistency
  • Freshness
  • Energy Efficiency

Application Examples

Electrical, Automatic Cooktops

For one example, MIS works on controls for automated cooktops and ovens. These systems are ideal for a restaurant that provides quick and even bakes. The automation allows operators to streamline the food preparation for their customers to enjoy.

Ventilation & Temperature Control Enclosure

Similarly, MIS assembles temperature-controlled ventilation systems for the food industry. Our team placed the enclosure inside an industrial control panel fixed with both frequency drives and minimal space in one instance.

Food Automation Benefits

Improved controls and monitoring reduce the waste of expensive compounds, improve production reliability, and deliver the required data to meet regulatory standards. A carefully designed production control system can provide high-quality products using the most efficient process. MIS systems significantly reduce energy and raw materials costs.

Updating the automation within a process can improve maintenance costs, production costs, reliability, and, most importantly, quality. With increased automation comes the ability to collect more process data required for effective process management and traceability. It is also vital to meet local hygiene standards for food purposes, which controls monitor and ensure.

Food & Beverage Control Panel

Custom Food & Beverage System Applications

Overall, Food & Beverage procedures need different control systems to advance with the times. These systems monitor for cleanliness and consistency in all functions coupled with automation.

  • Baking
  • Batch Processing
  • Bottling
  • Canning
  • Capping
  • Clean in Place (CIP)
  • Electrical Cooktops
  • Filling
  • Filtration
  • Labeling
  • Mixing Systems
  • Packaging
  • Retrofit and Upgrade
  • Sterilize in Place (SIP)
  • System Start-Up

Your Operations

Above all, MIS Controls is your trusted industry partner for custom control panels, enclosure assembly, and electrical wiring. With every new build and team member, we remain a leading manufacturer in assembling Industrial Control Panels for Food & Beverage operations.

Customer Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Product
  • On-Time Delivery
  • UL 508A Approval Certification Availability
  • End-to-End Solutions

In any case, MIS prides itself on providing control solutions. Rely on experts to assemble your next system. To start a Food & Beverage Systems project, contact us and request a quote!

CNC Conrol Panel for Food & Beverage

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