Case study

Ventilation & Temperature Control Enclosure


MIS handled integrating a temperature-controlled ventilation system with minimal available space in an industrial control panel equipped with variable frequency drives.


PI Distribution in the Food & Beverage industry required developing a new stand-alone system of cooktops that can be installed without the constraints of an overhead ventilating canopy.

MIS Solution

The MIS approach is to identify the problem, assess the needs, and propose a solution. The process after that becomes simple. Firstly, it starts by assigning a champion to communicate directly with the customer and meet all requirements and standards. In this case, we delivered a customized solution with parts explicitly made to complete the application at hand. Overall, this customization included:

  • A primary custom enclosure to house the fusing and power into the system.
  • A second custom enclosure to house the temperature controller and variable frequency drive.
  • Components were placed on a very dense sub-plate, including the power supply, interfacing relays, power contactors, and assorted terminals.
  • Utilization of MIS cable and harness assembly expertise to produce a turnkey harness for ease of installation.
  • Interconnection of the two panels [power and control].
  • A streamlined production process and in-line testing with quality control steps for high-volume manufacturing applications.

MIS Results

As a result, this is a cost-effective control system that meets the density space issue and allows easy installation and maintenance. Specifically, the customer relied on MIS Controls’ UL508A background and NEC adherence to create a control entity that passed the UL test and offers a cost-effective controls solution. Overall, we are proud of our ability to service our client’s needs and offer them custom designs that resolve their current issues.

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Ventilation & Temperature Enclosure

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