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The most significant advantage of being a custom panel manufacturer is working with many well-established, up-and-coming industries. We use the customers’ designs to assemble the latest control panels and systems, maintaining the functionality of tomorrow’s machines. MIS Controls performs to its highest ability on every individual project, whether in the surge of EV Power to automated Food & Beverage operations.

Our various case studies reveal our resistance to limitations, while our list of capabilities and services prove our worth in the manufacturing field. For your next big project, consider our team of experienced manufacturers to finalize your vision – in whatever field that vision is in!

Industries Served

We proudly serve several markets with industry-leading solutions and high-quality products. In order to achieve this reach, our team assembles control panels from your custom designs to fit a variety of needs and end-uses. We work directly with all of our clients to ensure complete satisfaction.

  • Aerospace
    You should find MIS Controls in automated work platforms, assembly, painting, and spar drilling applications.
  • Automotive
    Our Control Panel assemblies include honing, machining centers, engine tests, air leak, tightening, and battery charging (EV).
  • Energy
    MIS Controls’ panel assemblies include solar panels, inverters, oil reclamation, and plastic reconstitution.
  • EV Battery
    MIS Controls assembles panels, enclosures, and EV battery testing, charging, and maintenance systems.
  • Food & Beverage
    Our Industrial Control Panels are used in operating conveyors, converting, automation, burner control, packaging, air ventilation, and filtration.
  • Industrial
    Our Control Panels are in sonic welding, conveyors, machining centers, pumping, and polishing. The automation and safety of machines are huge advantages for manufacturers.
  • Military
    Many of our Industrial Control Cabinets are in spar drilling and assembly for military applications.
  • Mobility
    The rise of electric vehicles created a new demand for MIS Controls to deliver Enclosure Assemblies for the nut-running systems, tightening applications, and charging stations.
  • Robotics
    MIS Controls has always been on the cutting-edge technology for programmable Control Systems in the robotic cell controls, assembly, painting, sortation, and training.
  • Safety
    Electrical Safety Control Panels for guard gates, interlocking, and machine safety are a few examples of the many Industrial Enclosures that MIS Controls has put in service.
  • Transportation
    Automation and controls in the ever-growing transportation industry have put MIS Controls at the forefront of building Industrial Control Panels that serve the rail car wheel lathes, toll booth automation, systems control, and central communication centers.

Specific Solutions

Our custom control solutions are what sets us apart from our competition. Bring us your most challenging requirements and let our team solve the issues that will provide your specific application’s best function and performance.

View our case studies for detailed examples of MIS Controls in a few distinct industries. MIS works as an extension of your team, taking your design and using creative solutions to bring it to life!


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