Safety Systems

The Safety Industry reduces the risk for both operator and machine in all automated processes. Altogether, the key phrases for safety systems include reliability and integrity. Reliable systems create a reassuring environment for team members in every industry. Additionally, these systems allow the employees to trust the company with their health and security – effectively increasing employee satisfaction in the process.

Moreover, investing in security controls also boosts cost-effectiveness by avoiding damages to equipment and personnel. By reducing mistakes, the focus returns to quality.

MIS Controls assembles control panels with safety components for every industry.


Control Safety Solutions


Relays work to reduce risk on control panels by implementing safety functions. They monitor emergency stops, dual hand controls, gates, and all additional safety components. All in all, these components are essential to detect the need for a quick response.

Two-Hand Control Stations

Two-hand control stations require a synchronous action by both of the operator's hands. Even more, machines with two-hand control stations de-energize when the operator removes one or both hands. This safety component is necessary for highly risky machines.

PLC Stations

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) act as monitors for operators to oversee the complete machine process. Control panels include any of these components to add to the command of the procedure.

Selecting Safety Components

Detailed product design considerations must determine the proper components for specific custom designs. These considerations include looking at industry standards, distinct applications, and critical danger zones. MIS assists in the layout process with experienced tips for placement and function.

Industry standards include exact regulations noted in UL 508A, NEC, NEMA, and CSA certification practices. Explicitly, these certifications are available for custom control panel projects. Each one notes definitive characteristics in layout space, wiring techniques, and more. At length, these standards work as a checklist for controls and reliable operation. Using the certifications for guidelines ensures an inspected and tested procedure for any components on the control panels.

Distinct applications require protection that matches the machine’s critical danger zones. Critical danger zones include any specific area of a machine that requires extra attention for its heightened harm potential. For instance, a machine with a splicing ability should include guards for hands or dual palm stations. In other words, the safety component should pair with the most probable risk.

Safety Switches

Custom Safety System Applications

Overall, secure procedures need control systems and components that match their level of innovation to advance with the times. Whenever operating complex machinery, safety operations such as these are essential for employee security:

  • Door Controls
  • Dual Palm Operator Stations
  • E-Stop Devices
  • E-Stop Safety Circuits 
  • Explosion Proof Seals
  • Light Screens
  • Live Person Hand Held Switches
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Pull Cords
  • Safety Gates
  • Safety Relays
  • Security Inputs and Outputs
  • Sequester Panels
  • Two-Hand Control Stations

Your Operations

MIS Controls is your trusted industry partner for custom control panels and enclosure assembly. As shown above, we are a leading manufacturer in assembling Industrial Control Panels for Safety Applications.

MIS Extended Service Capabilities:
  • Wire Processing Center
  • Cables and Harness Assembly
Customer Benefits:
  • Cost-Effective Product
  • Constant On-Time Delivery
  • UL 508A Approval Certification Availability
  • End-to-End Solution Delivery

For any industry, MIS prides itself on providing control solutions. Rely on experts to build your next system. To start a project in control today, contact us or request a quote!

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