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Automotive systems take on multiple applications for each vehicular function. From the charging of battery systems to the painting of doors, every step of the automotive process requires control and focus. For every instance, Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) allow trained workers to implement a human touch on automatic functionality. At MIS, we build custom control panels for customers who need to gain control of their projects.

Whether it be for driverless, Electric (EV), Hybrid Electric (HEV), material handling, passenger, public transportation, recreational, or solar vehicles, MIS gives customizable options for industries looking for a company with a range of capabilities.

What Functions Require
Control Panels?


Industrial Control Panels assist in the painting of vehicle components to ensure safety and accuracy. Moreover, these panels monitor the industrial coating and spray applications for an even cover.


Control panels for automotive assembly allow for programmable systems to automate operations. Robotic controls and Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) mix individual surveillance with innovative functions.


Plug-in EV charging stations require controller boards to track energy levels and manage power. All in all, high levels of efficiency enable the best device and data management for an emerging industry.

Automated Control

Automotive controls add an automatic touch to each step for getting on the road. The path to productivity comes with expedited processes whenever possible. MIS Controls focuses on the details with customers that take assembly methods, painting, and driving to the next level. Control panels and systems from MIS give clients the flexibility to create dynamic builds. By offering modular panels, these panels can accommodate any space to provide the given functions successfully.

Components such as controllers, I/O modules, telematic gateways, and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) give operators a way to include trained employees in the pre-programmed functions. Any type of transportation benefits from MIS control systems to bring experienced panel building to every project.

Custom System Applications

Automotive control systems encompass many operations from the welding of vehicle components to the painting of the assembled ride. With that said, here is a list of some of the most prominent instances where control panels add an elevated functionality:

  • Airbag Testing
  • Arc Welding
  • Assembly Processes
  • EV Battery Charging
  • EV Battery Testing
  • Material Handling
  • Mechanical Cutting, Grinding, and Polishing
  • Military Explosive Handling
  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Painting & Mixing
  • Power Distribution Centers (PDC)
  • Safety Considerations
  • Soldering Operations
  • Water System Cutting

Your Operations

Overall, MIS Controls is your trusted industry partner for custom control panels and enclosure assembly. As shown above, we are a leading manufacturer in assembling Industrial Control Panels for Automotive functioning.

MIS Extended Service Capabilities:
  • Wire Processing Center
  • Cables and Harness Assembly
Customer Benefits:
  • Cost-Effective Product
  • Constant On-Time Delivery
  • UL 508A Approval Certification Availability
  • End-to-End Solution Delivery

For any industry, MIS prides itself on providing control solutions. Rely on experts to build your next system. To start a project in Automotive Control today, contact us or request a quote!

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