Energy Enclosure

The Energy Industry focuses on converting resources into power through constant innovation. With this in mind, MIS assembles control systems for electric battery, ecological, solar, water, wind, and additional applications. This range of applications creates a need for custom controls to monitor all complex components of energy solutions. Overall, recycling, reclamation, and regeneration processes require panels that communicate to determine the correct control procedure for components.

Control Energy Solutions


Solar charge controllers manage the amount of power flowing from the solar array to the battery. It detects and monitors overcharging in the deep cycle batteries.


Advanced wind turbine controls reduce the pressure on wind turbine components while capturing more wind energy and converting it into electricity.


Hydroelectric control systems monitor river flow and reservoir levels to utilize the resource efficiently. These systems vary the hydro turbine generator output and spill gates.

Fossil Fuel Regulation

Control systems record emissions accurately to manage the number of fossil fuels in given environments. Controlling fossil fuel energy applications provides engineers with more authority over power solutions.

EV Battery

The EV Battery page states that battery controls include charging and management during use. These applications oversee the voltages of individual cells and manage the brain of the device.

Recycling & Reclamation

Energy systems extend to the reuse of plastics and various materials. In that case, recycling and oil reclamation are vital to economic growth and waste reduction. Processes including the shredding, separating, washing, drying, granulating, and dispensing of materials must be regulated by controls to maximize clean energy output. Recycled oil can be put back in service as a formulation differing from the original when properly monitored. MIS Controls boosts resourcefulness by completing control panels used in recycling operations in differing capacities.

Similarly, oil reclamation refers to oil salvaging from an expected degradation. Controls lessen the possibility of cross-contamination, spillage, or accidents involved with oil transfer and processing. With the chance of refortifying the power source, MIS provides every opportunity to overcome wastefulness.

Recycling Automation in Energy Systems

Custom Energy System Applications

Energy control systems are essential for the conservation and maintenance of power sources. With new advancements every day, it is crucial to stay at the top of machinery to remain ahead in the future of energy solutions.

  • Battery Power / Charging
  • Dam Control
  • Ecological Systems
  • Hydrocarbon Gas-Liquid Maintenance
  • Hydroelectric Generator
  • Inverters
  • Natural Gas Processing
  • Nuclear Energy Control
  • Oil Reclamation
  • Petroleum Processing
  • Plastic Reconstitution
  • Recycling Automation
  • Solar Panels
  • Water Systems
  • Wind Power

Your Operations

MIS Controls is your trusted industry partner for custom control panels and enclosure assembly. As shown above, we are a leading manufacturer in assembling Industrial Control Panels for Energy Applications.

MIS Extended Service Capabilities:
  • Wire Processing Center
  • Cables and Harness Assembly
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  • Cost-Effective Product
  • Constant On-Time Delivery
  • UL 508A Approval Certification Availability
  • End-to-End Solution Delivery

For any industry, MIS prides itself on providing control solutions. Rely on experts to build your next system. To start a project in Energy Control today, contact us or request a quote!

Oil Reclamation in Energy Systems

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