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MIS Controls completes high-tech, knowledgable builds for advanced EV Battery and Electric Vehicle Industry projects. The rise of Battery-Powered Electric Vehicles (BEVs) calls for a heightened skillset. Specifically, we assemble panels and systems to contribute to the testing, charging, and maintenance of EV batteries and components, including:

  • Battery Testing Monitor Systems
  • EV Charging Kiosk Systems
  • EV Contactor Panels
  • Manufacturing Control Panels
  • Custom Control Panels / Systems

EV Battery Control Systems

The Battery Monitor Control System regulates the lithium battery following the initial testing methods. Altogether, it contains:

  • Current and Voltage Protection
  • Thermal Management
  • Digital and Analog Output Controls
  • Intelligent Cell Balancing
  • Health Monitoring
  • State-of-Charge Monitoring with Drift
  • Field-Programmable Features

These systems can be customizable to the exact scope of the given project. Overall, for any EV product, a form of monitoring must be present to stay informed on the inner workings of the innovative machine.

Safety increases with EV Contactors that regulate high-power machines. The details of the enclosure maintain the security of the electrical components.

These high-voltage components:
  • Suit well for several high-voltage applications
  • Provide both safe connection and disconnection of the traction battery in hybrid, electric, and fuel cell vehicle
  • Protect onboard charging systems
  • Withstand heat, vibration, pressure, and other extremes
  • Include custom bus bars for high functionality

1000V DC Contactors are in high demand for their high power. MIS assembles systems to maintain this intensity.

MIS specializes in using your engineer’s design to assemble new EV projects.

We have an advanced selection of capabilities and a manufacturing plan to handle every system. This selection includes:

  • Compact EV Charging Systems
  • Advanced, Custom EV Battery Testing Systems
  • Panel Enclosures for EV Battery Storage
  • Kiosk Assembly for EV Charging / Maintenance

By focusing on custom builds, our creative solutions lead to successful innovation. Any EV Project is safe in our hands!


What is a BEV?

Power Source

Instead of pumping gas, this form of transportation requires charged batteries for power. Hence, we assemble battery testing and charging systems for the lithium batteries that power a BEV.

Specific Features

For a BEV, all power comes from batteries and electric motors with no internal combustion engine (ICE). Batteries are recharged by plugging into an electric power source. Therefore, this method emits 50-51% less CO2 than ICE.

Lithium Battery

The lithium battery is very effective in that it charges much faster than the standard lead-acid battery, provides 2-3 times more energy, and includes built-in protection to ensure it performs safely.

BEV Requirements

The BEV requires power from a battery source, such as a lithium battery. All things considered, the battery must be regulated and tested often, ensuring it lives up to its advantages.

Lithium Battery Regulation:
These batteries necessitate state-of-the-art testing methods and control systems that include:
  • Over-charge, over-discharge, and short circuit conditions
  • Explosion-proof, stainless steel casings
  • Thermal fusers and custom safety features
Testing Methods: 
  • Cell / Module + Pack Cycling
  • Charge / Discharge Cycle Disability
  • Drive Cycle / Pulse Power Testing
  • CAN Communication and Control
  • Torque-to-Turn Testing

EV Solutions Applications

EV Battery System assembly affects countless different applications. We have the expertise and experience to assemble EV Control Systems and work with many industrial applications and customer specifications.

  • Body and Assembly
  • Material Handling
  • Storage Systems
  • Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Petroleum
  • Testing / Diagnostics

MIS Controls

For EVs and HEVs, the power requires high-level suppliers who can harness and manufacture it most effectively and reliably. MIS has the following: 

Up-to-Date Electronic Quality Certifications:
  • UL 508A: approved by top electrical inspectors
  • NEMA: protected against any environmental hazards
  • CSA-Approved: assembled to the specifications set forth by leaders in the panel industries
  • NEC: held to the highest electrical standards set by NFPA
  • Constant training in the latest practices
Organized Approach to Manufacturing:
Experience Getting Results:

At MIS, we pride ourselves on being a complete solution provider for any EV Battery Assembly application. To hear more about our services and solutions, request a quote today!

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