Downloadable Resources

For the purpose of easily accessible information, this page holds downloadable resources for potential employees, customers, and information-seekers. At this point, download the documents to reference again and again on your own time!

This flyer describes the main advantages of working with MIS Controls! MIS provides high-level assembly services for Custom Panel, Kiosk, and Industrial Panel projects for a wide range of industries. In this case, download this resource to learn even more about our best capabilities!

Learn about what makes up a control panel and how MIS can best assist with your latest projects.

This brochure highlights the main points of consideration for a partnership with MIS Controls for those searching for a new supplier! In short, flip through the trifold to discover our main strengths and skills. Overall, the team fosters self-reliance and a chance to grow in the Electrical Control Panel services.

Take Back Control of your following project opportunities and jumpstart your panel!

This Sell Sheet documents our services from Custom Panel Assembly to Electrical Wiring for potential customers. Consequently, this document allows potential partners to view our assembly capabilities in a generalized format.

At length, project to project, our ability to provide customization and solutions remains our most vital selling point to those who choose to do business with MIS.

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