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Welcome to MIS Controls’ FAQ page, where we address your inquiries about our control panel assembly services. If you have additional questions not covered here, feel free to contact us.

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MIS Controls specializes in custom, industrial, and kiosk control panels. Our expertise lies in implementing and optimizing controls to ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and availability, ultimately safeguarding against cyber threats and compliance risks.

Our facility is situated in Rochester Hills, Michigan. We are proud to contribute to the local manufacturing landscape and serve clients both regionally, nationally, and globally.

MIS Controls can provide services to various industries, such as aerospace, food & beverage, military, robotics, and more. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to meet the unique needs of many industries.

We serve as a one-stop shop for a complete system automation project. Equipped with 4 cranes, a high-volume production wire processing center, and 60,000 square feet of production space, MIS Controls can handle custom Electronic Control Panel assembly of any size.

MIS Controls has been dedicated to providing you with the best quality, delivery, and price since 2014. With our quality facility, capabilities, and both committed and qualified team members, we have the solution to bring any project or idea into reality.

Requesting a quote is easy. Simply visit our “Request a Quote” page on our website, fill in the necessary details about your project, and our team will promptly get back to you with additional details.

Normally, our team will request your prints and drawings, timeline, and expected project budget. We are also open to setting up Team Meetings or in-person conferences to dive deeper into a custom design.

At MIS Controls, we actively focus on waste reduction during the manufacturing process. We focus on sourcing materials from local suppliers whenever feasible as well as aim to minimize packaging waste and responsible disposable practices.

Outsourcing to a reputable company like MIS Controls offers several advantages including expertise, cost-effectiveness, customization, and time savings.

To learn more about the capabilities of MIS Controls, click here.

MIS Controls takes a holistic approach to client satisfaction, offering comprehensive support services beyond assembly. From installation and commissioning to ongoing maintenance and technical support, MIS Controls is committed to ensuring its clients’ success every step of the way.

You can reach us through our Contact page on the website, where you’ll find our address, phone number, and a convenient contact form. We are here to assist you with any inquiries or collaboration opportunities.

If you have further questions or require additional details, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.

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