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Our expertise in advanced manufacturing technology provides a solution second to none. Additionally, our manufacturing process delivers an unsurpassed quality product, on-time delivery, and highly competitive pricing. All in all, this process flow has resulted from a careful design that meets many project requirements. As has been noted, whether the need is for one enclosure assembly or the production of multiple units over time, we have the solution to bring any project to successful fruition.

While every project is unique in its deliverables, we have outlined the five steps of our MIS Manufacturing Process that each one undergoes in assembly.

MIS 5-Step Manufacturing Solution


Documentation Capabilities

Step 1


Overall, the success of a project depends on the initial review and documentation. Firstly, an initial feasibility study plays a significant role right from the get-go and directly affects product quality and on-time delivery. Consequently, MIS Controls has carefully developed a checklist to ensure that all control panel assembly build aspects meet critical customer requirements. At this instant, key elements are identified early on that might profoundly impact material, tooling, quality, and delivery.


Mechanical Assembly - Capabilities

Step 2

Mechanical Assembly

Secondly, upon reviewing documentation and ensuring that drawings with proper revision are ready for manufacturing, the assembly process will begin with a sub-plate layout and placement of all mechanical, electrical, and various supporting components. At MIS Controls, we emphasize this process as it is crucial to the integrity of the entire control panel assembly. In practice, we check that all devices are securely mounted, correctly identified, and accurately laid out.


Electrical Wiring - Capabilities

Step 3

Electrical Wiring

Next, the electrical connections made among all components undergo rigorous checks, in-process inspection, and performance review with MIS Controls’ trained personnel. Furthermore, the gauge size, color, length, and routing of the wires are critical elements needed to follow design requirements. In addition, wire termination with the correct ferrule size must include the proper wire strip and, most importantly, the right tool. At our facility, devices are inspected, maintained, and calibrated regularly. As stated, we follow an extensive checklist to ensure the quality of every connection is to the highest IPC Standards.


Programming & Testing - Capabilities

Step 4

Programming & Testing

Subsequently, upon installing the sub-plate into the enclosure cabinet, our team can finalize connections among sub-plates, doors, or other devices. Evidently, testing is a multi-step process. At MIS Controls, testing is a serious process that starts with the visual inspection, cleanliness, organized layout of labeling, wire routing techniques, and many additional internal inspection procedures. Following, an electrical power connection will bring the controller cabinet to life and elevate the testing required to ensure circuit breakers, electrical devices, programmable controllers, and countless other installed equipment are correctly functioning. We have the expertise and capabilities to install, test, and debug programming software to meet customer requirements.


Quality Assurance - Capabilities

Step 5

Quality Assurance

At this point, we have devised a unique process certifying every control panel and enclosure assembly built at MIS Controls. Undoubtedly, it is an intricate process that undergoes documentation review, quality assurance, validation of all engineering changes throughout the build schedule, serialization of each enclosure panel, and the packaging and shipping requirements necessary to meet customer instructions and specifications. Lastly, affixing a UL508A label is the final touch to meet all the Underwriter Laboratory standards.

Facility Size
and Capability

MIS Controls is the leader in the contract manufacturing of Industrial Control Panels and Enclosures Assembly, Custom Enclosure Assembly, Electrical Controls, Box Build and Kiosk System Integration Assembly. Our manufacturing capabilities can handle small, large, and custom Electrical Control Panel assembly of various applications and project size quantity requirements.

Manufacturing Partner: MIS Controls is the assembly manufacturing extension of any company’s product line. We serve as the one-stop-shop for a complete system automation project , from cabinet and component sourcing to Wire Processing and Cable Assembly Installation to product UL 508A Certification. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities provide the utmost flexibility, enhanced productivity, and cost-effective solutions to any project.

Extended Services: MIS Control is an integral part of contract manufacturing service companies to provide a complete turnkey solution for any requirement. Our end-to-end solution is the most cost-effective approach to dealing with a single source for all the Metal Fabrication, Control Panel Assembly, Enclosure Assembly, Wire Processing, Cables, and Harness Assembly requirements.

MIS Facility

Facility Size
and Capability

  • 2 Manufacturing Facilities with 60,000 square feet of Production Space
  • 4 Cranes for Large and Small Panel Assembly
  • High-Volume Production Wire Processing Center
  • Full-Service Cable and Harness Assembly Capabilities

Full Service and Turnkey Application

  • Design for Manufacturing Review
  • Material Sourcing Capabilities
  • Extensive Industrial Control Panel Assembly
  • Custom Enclosure Assembly
  • System Controls, HMI, Junction Box Assembly
  • Complete Box Build Assembly
  • Programming, Functional, and Various Testing Capabilities
  • ISO 9001:2015, UL 508A, and Other Quality Certifications

Production Volume Capabilities

  • Dedicated Teams for Product Assembly
  • Statistical Control and Review Metrics
  • Flex Manufacturing Solutions
  • Cost Reduction Program for Large Volume
  • Dedicated Account Manager for Quality Assurance and On-time Delivery
  • State-of-the-Art Facility, Machinery, and Equipment

Industries Served

We proudly serve several markets with industry-leading solutions and high-quality products. Our control panels can be custom designed to fit various needs and end-uses. In addition, we work directly with all of our clients to ensure complete satisfaction.

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