Three-Step MIS Pledge

Mission Statement

MIS Controls, Inc. honors customer relationships with the promise to provide quality products and timely services. From Kiosk Control Systems to Industrial Control Panels, MIS Controls Inc. regards each project with every aspect of the three-step mission statement. Additionally, MIS guarantees customers high quality, on-time delivery, and industry-competitive pricing. Experience the MIS difference and request a quote today!



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Every MIS project guarantees the highest quality and customer satisfaction for all products and services. Additionally, the company pledges to meet the most stringent customer specifications. The quality step is crucial for MIS manufacturing projects as the company confidently supplies effective products yearly. Along with efficient parts and tools, MIS Controls employees’ skillsets and knowledge positively impact assembly time and efficiency.

Above all, MIS Controls, Inc. demonstrates quality standards through multiple third-party certifications. Such certifications include UL 508A, NEMA, NEC, CSA, and certified WBENC. Without proper panel quality, projects are unusable, with companies losing time and money. Therefore, the MIS Controls quality guarantee not only provides effective products but also relieves customers of all quality worries and stress.


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The MIS experience incorporates the promise of following respective delivery schedules for all projects. Customers are guaranteed a sufficient delivery time with the immense facility space in the MIS Controls, Inc. warehouse. Even with the specified sizing and spatial requirements for various Control Panel and Enclosures, MIS Controls commits to high production volumes while delivering on-time delivery.

Second to an effective product is the reasonable delivery time for each ordered project. MIS Controls, Inc. employs control panel specialists to meet all scheduled deliveries at suitable times. With the growing integration of advanced technologies, MIS continues to shorten assembly time while maintaining the highest level of quality for all projects.


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The MIS commitment to competitive product and service pricing provides customers with quality specifications at reasonable prices. Technological advances to MIS procedures introduce new opportunities with competitive pricing. Similarly, with continuous integration of improved processes, MIS partners with key manufacturers and suppliers. Such partnerships ensure panel parts’ quality and satisfactory pricing.

All in all, to the advantage of customers, manufacturing relationships through MIS Controls, Inc. introduce highly industry-competitive pricing. From project to project, MIS ensures reasonable pricing and the utmost customer satisfaction.


Overall, each step of the pledge creates a trustworthy, capable, and valuable relationship between customers and MIS Controls, Inc. Above all, the high-quality MIS products and services demonstrate the unique manufacturing ability and expertise. Each assembly caters to customer specifications while committing to the MIS quality standards. Contact us today for all future panel needs!

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