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Five “Made in the USA” Benefits

“MIS” America

For almost a decade, MIS Controls has been taking the crown for custom control panel assembly based in the USA. Therefore, this designation inspired us to become self-certified as a Made in the USA Certified Company on Besides the pageantry of promoting an American flag on our website, this certification carries many benefits for our customers, suppliers, and employees, along with our distinction as a Woman-Owned Business.

With a world full of “Made in China” stickers, here is a breakdown of some of the reasons to hold out for the good ol’ US of A.


Labor StandardsGuaranteed Labor Standards

Overall, US, workers’ rights are a priority with federal and state laws enforcement. These rights guarantee fair labor, employee protection, safe working conditions, age requirements, appropriate licenses, and higher agency for workers. With these measures, a manufacturing team comes to work of their own free will to accomplish assembly and contribute to a field of their choice.


Emphasis on QualityQuality Standards

In this case, the USA holds a guaranteed high emphasis on durability and extended use. In order to build for longevity, strict quality standards guide companies on building procedures and component elements to ensure products are built to last.


Environmental StandardsEnvironmental Concern

US Manufacturers must follow stricter federal and state regulations when it comes to the environmental conditions of their surrounding areas. In essence, when you partner with an American company, you are also showing the importance of future generations


Puts Money Back into the USACash Flow

To reference your high school finance class, taxes and new jobs lower the overall national debt. Being that American companies hire workers who pay American taxes, investing in these places of work cycles money back into the country. With debt over trillions of dollars, every partnership contributes to closing the gap.


Lower Lead TimesLowers Lead Times

Fact: You cannot complete a puzzle without all of the pieces in front of you. Much like the frustration around an unfinished puzzle, supply chain issues around the globe contribute to misplaced components. Relying on an American company that provides turnkey services increases the chances of gathering all pieces on one table in less time.


Crowning the Winner

As stated above, there are numerous benefits to choosing a Made in the USA manufacturer. The ones listed here are the most significant, though not the only ones to consider. Especially in a time with huge supply chain issues, an American company, such as MIS Controls, could mean the difference between success and failure to launch.

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