MIS team discusses the design plan for a new control panel project.

Behind the Scenes – A Day in the Life at MIS Controls

Behind the scenes at MIS Controls offers a captivating look into the meticulous processes and skilled craftsmanship that define a day in the life of this control panel manufacturing powerhouse. From the early morning hustle to the final quality checks, every step at MIS Controls resonates with a commitment to precision and excellence.

  • Morning Kickoff / Work Plan for Employees:

    The day at MIS Controls kicks off with a morning briefing where the assembly team reviews the day’s production schedule. Clear communication sets the tone for the day, ensuring alignment with the production goals and any specific requirements for control panel assembly.

  • Design Review and Prep Work:

    Before the assembly process begins, the team conducts a thorough review of control panel designs. The attention to detail starts early, with meticulous planning and organization. The assembly team prepares and lays out the components strategically to streamline the assembly process.

  • Control Panel Assembly – Precision in Action:

    As the assembly lines come to life, skilled technicians at MIS Controls get to work. Each control panel assembly is a symphony of precision wiring, component integration, and careful adherence to design specifications. The controlled chaos on the floor is a testament to the expertise cultivated over years of experience.

    • Wiring Wizards: Technicians expertly navigate the intricate web of wires, ensuring proper connections and adherence to color codes for a foolproof electrical system.
    • Component Integration: Assemblies take shape with the integration of controllers, power supplies, and other key components, each placed with the precision of a seasoned artisan.
    • Enclosure Magic: Enclosures are skillfully mounted, providing a protective shield for the delicate internal components against environmental factors.
  • Testing Protocols – Ensuring Reliability:

    The heart of quality control lies in rigorous testing protocols. MIS Controls employs a battery of tests to ensure each control panel meets and exceeds industry standards.

    • Functional Testing: Control panels undergo comprehensive functional tests to verify that every component operates as intended.
    • Electrical Testing: Ensuring accurate wiring and electrical continuity to prevent any potential issues down the line.
    • Environmental Stress Tests: Panels are subjected to varying environmental conditions to assess their resilience under different scenarios.
  • Fine-Tuning and Troubleshooting:

    Despite the precision in the assembly process, MIS Controls understands the importance of fine-tuning and troubleshooting. Technicians meticulously review each panel, addressing any potential issues that may arise during testing.

  • Documentation – A Key to Traceability:

    Throughout the day, a dedicated team ensures that every step in the assembly process is meticulously documented. This commitment to traceability not only facilitates continuous improvement but also ensures transparency in case of any customer inquiries or future modifications.

A day in the life at MIS Controls is more than just a series of tasks. It’s a symphony of expertise, precision, and dedication to delivering control panels that meet the highest standards. From the careful planning in the morning to the rigorous testing in the afternoon, every aspect of the process reflects the commitment to quality. This quality defines MIS Controls as a leader in control panel manufacturing. As a woman-owned business with a passion for excellence, MIS Controls continues to set the bar high, showcasing the artistry and science behind the scenes in crafting control panels that power industries around the globe.

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