FAQs: What Do Our Customers Ask Us?

Question #1: How do you check quality? 

To answer this question, MIS works from customer-specific checklists along with universal standards for quality testing. In-circuit testing for electronic components establishes accurate connections and functionality. Additionally, a distinct testing station allows high-voltage currents to assess the durability of our control panels. For explicit projects, MIS has the capabilities to implement soak testing to run the control panel for an extended period and ensure environmental stamina and operational longevity.


Question #2: How do you determine prices? Are prices competitive?

For every project, a collaboration between the sales team, quoting department, manufacturing floor, and company leaders provide a rounded explanation for prices. Ultimately, quotes include significant points such as labor hours, panel complexity, quantity, timeline, supplied parts, and recurrence. The pricing process also includes bid prints for high-level projects that deep dive into profitability, capability, past bids, and long-term strategy. Similarly, a full inspection of the build prints allows for a complete breakdown of every project.

MIS determines competitive prices through industry awareness and continuous assessments of the team’s power. We justify price while leveraging our constant focus on elevating techniques and technological practices.


Question #3: Does your location have easy access to highways?

Yes, MIS is located in Rochester Hills directly next to M-59. For Michigan, this highway connects to many cities across the state as well as state-crossing destinations.

In terms of customer benefits, this location gives MIS an advantage for panel transportation by avoiding multiple stops and traffic stops; ultimately, this proximity allows for faster delivery times and safer travel conditions.


Question #4: Can I get my panel UL-certified? 

Yes, MIS provides UL 508A Certification for customer-requested projects. When required, MIS works off of a standardized UL checklist to guarantee the proper assembly and testing process. In addition, MIS wires to UL and NEC requirements per customer specifications, always maintaining the highest quality.

All in all, if there are unique specifications, then MIS is open to conversations around exact demands for every industry and application.


Question #5: Can you assemble an explosion-proof panel? 

Yes, MIS has the capabilities to assemble for explosion-proof requirements. Based on NEMA standards, MIS follows data sheets for specific ratings. These junction boxes house electrical components in hazardous environments with amplified testing.

Along with explosion-proof, MIS builds to any NEMA-specific ratings, such as panels requiring liquid tight necessities.


Question #6: What are the benefits of working with a woman-led company? 

Based on the information presented in Forbes about women-led businesses, the benefits include innovation and productivity. At MIS, our leadership informs our progress moving forward; whether that progress is in new industries or the implementation of new technologies, Celine Gebara heads that development.

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