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What is EV Power?

EV Power denotes an electric vehicle that is either fully, or partially, powered by electric power. Such vehicles have lower maintenance and overall running costs while proving to be more environmentally friendly alternatives. Electric power minimizes the use of fossil fuels decreases pollution and other hazardous elements in the environment. Additionally, to charge such vehicles, individuals can plug into at-home systems or charging stations spread out across various locations. By re-charging the batteries to host the electric power, the vehicles can accelerate at much faster rates than traditional fossil-fueled cars. As for the manufacturing of EV power and battery control systems, assemblies require unique solutions and procedures. All in all, the growing EV industry introduces a multitude of assembly techniques, advanced technologies, and opportunities for creative partnerships with MIS Controls, Inc.!

Unique Assembly

As a nonnormal panel build, manufacturers distinguish proper assembly practices based on the designated control systems. The three main EV battery control systems include battery monitor control systems, EV battery contactor systems, and custom EV projects. Each system consists of different functions and components for the highest efficiency. For all custom projects, MIS controls offer a wide selection of capabilities to address all customer specifications. Additionally, custom builds may range from compact EV charging systems to EV charging maintenance Kiosk assemblies. After all, the constant desire to provide creative solutions demonstrates the MIS drive toward continuous and successful innovation.

Advanced Technologies

With a shifting focus from traditional gas-run cars to EV Power, new advanced technologies continue to transform the efficiency and assembly practices for respective vehicles. A new wave of bidirectional charging, improved battery technology, and advanced production tools begin to shape the future of EV vehicles worldwide.


Bidirectional Flow EV PowerBy definition, bidirectional charging refers to the process of energy flowing two ways, that of the charging station as well as from the vehicle. In doing so, the EV batteries can work as an energy storage unit and thus use renewable energy when necessary. Ultimately, such technology can become more affordable while weeding out the use of unclean energy plants harming the environment.

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Additionally, the EV battery technology has improved immensely since the first release of EV performance vehicles. With longer and more affordable EV battery options, individuals are more inclined to switch to the EV performance ability. Direct improvements include the reduction in metal cobalt in lithium-ion batteries as well as promises toward solid-state batteries.

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Lastly, an improvement in production tools and technology has aided in the accessibility of EV Power. Mass production techniques with high-speed manufacturing machinery promote the availability and attractiveness of the EV Power industry. The increasing demand for EV Power allows manufacturers to find new ways to reach larger industries and audiences.

MIS Partnership

MIS Controls, Inc. provides a creative partnership in the EV manufacturing industry. With various third-party certifications and immense EV capabilities, MIS accommodates project specifications with flexibility. Custom MIS EV projects incorporate both specified design requirements and a wide selection of control panel systems. Additionally, MIS continues to reach for innovation while guaranteeing customers the highest quality products, timely delivery, and industry competitive pricing. MIS Controls, Inc. manufacturers adaptable control systems that continue to shift focus toward the environmentally friendly EV Power solution.


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